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Bitcoin has continued to struggle recently as the market remained difficult for it. The lead coin couldn’t continue its gains though it has made efforts for consolidation. The recent changes forced it to recede from $20K, affecting its value.

But that’s a subject for a separate post.) Segregated Witnesses — The current Bitcoin transaction signature algorithm is complicated and flawed, leading to a problem known as transaction malleability. Confidential Transactions, as the name implies, conceal the amount being transferred to all except the sender, the recipient, and Binance others they designate. The resulting transaction size is significantly larger, but includes a sizable "memo" field that can be used to store transaction or other metadata, and is still smaller than eg Zerocoin.(Note that this isn’t as confidential as Zerocash, Binance which conceals both the amount and the participants involved in any transaction, through the mighty near-magic of zk-Snarks. Segregated witnesses would eliminate that, improving the efficiency of much Bitcoin software considerably … and making much more significant innovations such as the Lightning Network (see below) possible. Basic Asset Issuance — This allows sidechain clients to issue their own brand-new assets which, like Bitcoin itself, can be securely and fungibly transacted on the block chain: vouchers, coupons, stocks, bonds, etc. New opcodes — Every Bitcoin transaction is actually a program written in a scripting language. Mind you, Zerocash would require an esoteric invocation ritual to initiate its network. I am now officially taking bets on if and when the first bleeding-edge company IPOs via a "stockbase" transaction. These opcodes expand the possibilities of that language, making whole new forms of transactions possible, such as lotteries, payments to a randomly chosen set of recipients, etc. Confidential Transactions — At present, all Bitcoin transactions are completely public, albeit pseudonymous.

Biden rose the gas prices by halting the use of our pipelines and using other transport methods to bring the oil to the consumers, (1000 miles away) which costs fuel costs together with transport costs raises our gas prices. Who can fight 3 billion people. Nope, puts a giant target on our back for someone who wants to gain control in an industry that will have become astronomical in value due to shortage and limited supply indefinitely m, which in turn will have history repeat itself with a world war because with all the hate America had learned to express, we will no longer be the superpower of the world. With our allies becoming scarce I don’t think 400 million will have a chance. Reason would be so we have control of all the oil once everyone else’s oil is gone. Seeing that their population is about to double with the new laws of have as many children as you want. And will be easy to take us over perhaps by China by sheer population advantage.

The downfall of this country will be from a very thick layer of "Duuhhhh" starting at your address. As you continue to work on that elusive GED in your parents basement, skip ahead to the section on global supply and demand, and you will suddenly realize how inane your comment is, blaming it on one person.

But it remains a formal protocol of communication that is commonly followed. A protocol is like manners. When we say "Thank you’ to someone, the normal response we expect to hear is "You’re welcome." There is no actual rule that states that someone has to do this.

Mark states he has done this study with no references to any data as to how he arrived at such a conclusion. TomTX, nothing was answered. Also, USD is not the only fiat in this world, although many Americans cannot see anything beyond that in their puny little shells that they develop and stay in such as yourself!

imageThe recent spike in fuel prices is caused by better contol of Covid-19 in highly industrialized nations and the reluctance of OPEC to pump more crude. Biden controls neither cause and the clown suit is worn by you.

If everyone wants your hotdogs but you only make half as much, come dinner you can charge more and sell them all! Bea, you quack like a duck … a s****d uninformed duck! That’s called consumer inflation. Your President cut Oil production to raise prices of oil to push the herd toward expensive electric cars, plain and simple.

imageAt the moment, they’re incredibly volatile compared to the monetary systems of the developed world. First: cryptocurrencies have not demonstrated lack of manipulation. Second: Human nature actually tolerates a *lot* of corruption in exchange to stability, so I don’t think we’ll be switching over to this science fair project any time soon.

One catch, though: this will require a small tweak to the existing Bitcoin protocol. Sidechains can also be used to prototype changes to the fundamental Bitcoin blockchain. The sidechains vision of the future is of a vast globe-spanning decentralized network of many blockchains, an intertwined cable rather than a single strand, each with its own protocol, rules, and features — but all of them backed by Bitcoin, and protected by the Bitcoin mining network, as the US dollar was once backed by gold.

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